Cover Design

The striking cover design for the book is based on a painting by US artists Theodore Bolha and Chris Davis called Insatiable.  The image powerfully conveys the central argument of our book that we currently live in an era of creative self-destruction in which economic expansion relies upon the continued exploitation of natural resources.

Climate change has revealed this underlying dynamic in its starkest form: the potentially cataclysmic trade-off between economic and environmental well-being in which businesses are encouraged to devour the very life-support systems of a habitable planet. This is evident not only in the ‘fossil fuels forever’ imaginary of ever larger coal, oil and gas extraction and use but also in our ingenuity in unlocking non-conventional fossil fuel sources via deepwater and Arctic oil drilling, tar sands processing and coal-seam and shale gas fracking. It is evident in the way human economic advance is precipitating a Sixth Extinction event of unprecedented magnitude  and our headlong rush to breach basic planetary boundaries.