Climate Change, Capitalism and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-Destruction

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Climate change, the greatest threat of our time, is the definitive manifestation of the well-worn links between progress and devastation. Yet, as we shamble towards a tipping point from which there is no meaningful return, the corporate world promotes a familiar refrain: ‘business as usual.’

This book is about that message. It is about the corporate world’s relationship with climate change; the terrible paradox at the heart of that relationship; and how that relationship affects us all. It is about how such a message could come to be accepted in the face of the steady annihilation of our planet; and how we might recognise it for what it is – the most dangerous of fallacies. The book explains how the processes of creative self-destruction paper over the contradictions of corporate responses to climate change and, in so doing, points to possible alternative responses.

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